Don’t let the moment pass.

I’ve been having a hard time lately just appreciating the moment. I’ve always been one to be looking at what’s next. I’m a planner. Type A. I need to know what’s upcoming, and I need to know how I’m going to get there. 2019 has started off with some major change and transition. I spent the first month volunteering with an organization leading a kids camp (so out of my comfort zone and realm of experience) out of country, then jumped into a new role at work. It’s been good change, but different and I don’t really know where to go from here.

I started on a career trajectory that I thought was what I was really passionate about. Not to say I’m not passionate about it anymore, but I’ve realized my skill set and strengths are just better suited elsewhere. Where is that exactly though? I’m not sure, and it’s freaking me out. I know my current role is a transition step, and I think that’s making me feel like I need to figure out the next step now. There’s definitely potential areas I’m interested in but nothing I’m ready to commit to. Also… I just started a new role, I should be focused on that!

How do you stay present when your mind starts to wander? It’s definitely something I need to work on, and I’ve got limited skills. Meditation is something I’ve started to dabble in but I’m finding it really hard. The 21 day no complaint challenge has added some self awareness and perspective, but it hasn’t stopped my mind from jumping all over the place.

Currently accepting all tips and tricks to put my mind to work. Not to churn on things, but to be present, acknowledge my situation, and appreciate it for all that it is – good, bad or ugly.

Know your worth.

Not just another tragic love story. Or maybe it is. But it’s only tragic because of the amount of time it took to realize that love shouldn’t make my heart feel like it’s broken into a million pieces.

Have you ever loved someone that you know isn’t “good for you”? Now have they been the one telling you that? Did you listen? Maybe you should, this may one of those times where they’re actually right.

I haven’t had the greatest track record when it comes to finding a partner. I’m attracted to the super high highs and super low lows kind of love. I sometimes think that’s the only kind of love. The only kind I’m capable of having.

I’d like to think I’m allowed to want what I want. I also know that it’s really difficult to rationalize who you love and why you love them sometimes. But at what point is enough enough? At what point have they dragged you through enough mud that you know it’s time for a fresh start? Probably when they’re telling you that you’re worth more. You deserve more, you need more than what they’re offering. When they tell you don’t wait.

Letting go of someone who you are truly madly in love with isn’t easy. Even if they’ve already let go… or maybe never grabbed on to begin with. But when you’ve gone numb from the lows, and the highs don’t feel so high anymore, it seems like a good time to walk away.

What makes you creative?

When I think of creativity my mind automatically thinks of art. Drawing, dance, wood work, movies… making something visually appealing. I struggle when people tell me to “use my creativity”. Even when I google creativity, the first definition that pops up is “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.”

But what about being creative in a non artistic way? Is that even a thing? As I continue to work on exploring creativity and determining ways that I am creative, I found this quick video inspirational. One thing I note is creativity’s link to increased serotonin. How does mood effect creative ability? My focus on the need for some sort of high artistic ability has been strongly linked to my definition of creative ability, yet the focus point of creativity should be the use of imagination or original ideas. Here’s another good one to watch.

I’m still working out what makes me creative, but there’s some relief in expanding my view of how creativity is defined. I’d say that in itself is a way I’ve shown creativity!

Monday Mood.

The weather has been brutally cold for the past week and I’ve been using it to validate my excuses for not being motivated and getting my to do list done. I’d like to opt to follow suit with the bears and just hibernate during winter please!

What are some ways to stay motivated even when your environment or circumstances has you really not feeling it?

I’ve started to write things down. In my phone. In my day planner. On my whiteboard… basically in as many places as I can with definite deadlines to create a sense of urgency and to follow through with deadlines. I’ve also been bribing myself with treats. That coffee needs to wait til after this assignment is done, or those pineapple tarts can only be eaten after I’ve actually prepped dinner for the next few days.

I’m sure it seems a little silly, but whatever it takes to get back on track, right?! What do you do to stay motivated?


Ever notice how the office mood shifts throughout the week? You’re still there, still doing the same work, yet there’s a different vibe on a Friday. It’s something so minor, yet so uplifting. Looking forward to the weekend (and enjoying it) is great, so how do we get that same feel on a Monday or a Tuesday? It boils down to the little things. You may not be able to change it for everyone, but even just shifting your own mood can have a huge effect.

Some of the things that gets me off to the right start

  • essential oils
  • candles
  • gratitude journal
  • funny memes
  • Roger cuddles (specifically my dog Roger)

Now, I’m not saying I bring in all these things to my office, although it would be pretty great if Roger could hang out there. I’d save some major $$$ on dog daycare! Something simple like getting some oils going in the diffuser when I wake up, and journaling at night helps me start and end the day with some simple pleasures that put me in a good head space.

all sorts of scents for all sorts of moods =)

What’s your morning and evening routine to get you ready for the day and in a positive head space?

pushing reset.

I’m back at day one for the no complaint challenge…

This is really making me work hard to be self aware and think before I speak! It’s crazy how automatic negative thoughts materialize into how you talk. It seems like I just go on auto pilot, a good thing through this though is that I am starting to realize (maybe a bit late at the moment!) when I start to say these things and how it sounds. I really was not conscious of this previously. My goal over the next little bit is being able to consciously pause before speaking and re-frame my statements into something positive or at least neutral. This exercise has also made me aware of how much of a difference it makes to state something as a fact rather than a complaint!

There’s lots of tactics people can use to hit pause and reset so that they’re looking at things in a more positive light. I think the first one I’m going to try and implement is just taking a breath before speaking. What are some things that you do to take a minute and reset?

Self Talk.

Not the positive affirmation type, but the I have to talk about myself to people type. I just joined a new team and our director wants all the new people to present about themselves at the next monthly meeting. AWKWARD. Que social anxiety jitters.

Along the same vein, I feel like whenever I’m meeting new people in the office I always get ask this or some variation of it. An interesting fact about me, what my hobbies are, or something to that nature. For some reason it always feels so awkward to talk about myself. I also genuinely have no idea how to answer this question. I’ve read lots about finding your passion, figuring out what fuels you, and honing in on your skills. Maybe I’m overthinking it, maybe I’m not fully committing and taking certain leaps to try different things, or maybe I really just haven’t found it yet, but I still can’t assertively answer this question.

My default answers include saying I’m boring/ live the granny lifestyle, talking about my dog, or work, school and volunteer stuff. I keep the conversations short and usually try to turn the conversation around and ask questions in the other direction. I much rather sit and listen than be the one talking. I know this something I need to work on but I’d like to think in some cases it actually serves me well.

Fingers crossed that by the time presentation day rolls around I’ve got some fun facts! What are your tips and tricks when it comes to public speaking and talking about yourself?